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    Happy To Be Home!

    After a long week of traveling with my hubby, I am so grateful to have landed safely and return back home to my personal space! 🙌🏽 _ I should have worn a face mask because I was near two sick people on the plane heading to a chili rainy Atlanta, Ga. After spending three days taking care of business, we hopped on another flight to Las Vegas where the weather was beautiful only to handle more business I started to feel pain in my throat, then on the flight back home my ears began to pop then I couldn’t breathe, it was confirmed, I was SICK!!! 😣 _ Any who,…

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    Broken Bark

    I move my furniture and decor around so much that I broke the largest fica tree that I have! From all the trees in this house, the largest one broke! Initially I had a panic attack! Then after a few minutes or so, I remembered just who the hec I am! LOL 😂 I picked this cute gray basket up from a decor store, went to my storage closet to look for something to push down between the basket and the tree, found some of these cute colored balls from previous projects, pulled these black rubber ties from my DIY drawer to hold the branches together, added some christmas lights…

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    My Front Fall Foyer!

    I got a late start with my outside fall decor but I managed to muster up enough energy to sweep out the garage, climb a tall ladder just to change the garage light bulbs as well as the outside light bulbs then drag out my little trees that I use every year and dust off my jumbo wreath that I made four years ago! The mums and the pumpkins made it to my front porch the day before The Artful Garden​ closed for the season! Now, I normally have my straw men wired to the house but that’s a project for next week or maybe next season, I’m low on…

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    Mornings In My Bedroom!

    Being me is not easy, imagine having to rise every morning, gather myself, hit the gym, come home to nurture my husband before he starts his day, tidy up every darn room in our house and yes I make multiple beds up every morning then focus on my own projects and business matters and let me tell you, it takes me 15 minutes to put on my mascara correctly because they have to be perfect! But guess what, I wouldn’t change a thing! I’m completely whole within myself and I’m grateful for all that comes in my package! 💋🙌🏽 #RMELIFESTYLE

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    Peace By 6pm!

    I’m burning chamomile oil for mental calmness and burning candles for visual calmness. I have been organizing and rearranging my house around all day, mainly tossing out old unwanted and worn out things and making room for anything new! I barely have time to be on the phone but today I chatted with @dalh7 for a while and I believe we both needed that. Thank goodness for the friends that make me laugh and forget everything sour. I’m finally going to bed, grateful for everything 💋

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    Purging My Personal Space With SAGE!

    If you are a person who’s BIG on energy and you have a desire to constantly protect your personal space, then this blog post is for YOU! I often deep clean my home, this usually includes the two major functions of scrubbing backboards and wiping down walls, followed by burning sage, also known as, smudging.  The art of smudging is the act of using smoke from sacred herbs and flowers to cleanse and purify a person or a space, very similar to burning incense soaked in oils.  This ancient ritual is practiced by a myriad of cultures and dates back thousands of years. Here are just a few components that…

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    Recycling Old Wine Bottles

    Hello Sweet People! So I know this looks crazy, but, after I’m done enjoying a good ole bottle of Wine, I never throw them away. For some strange reason, my spirit wouldn’t let me! Call me a very neat, mini hoarder, but I just knew at some point I could recycle these, so I lined up each one of them neatly in a storage room, and just waited for my AHA MOMENT to arrive. At first I thought, maybe I should cut these in half and use the base to pour candle wax in, maybe I still can, but, Nooooooo, my spirit has led me to stripe them down, clean…

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    Candles Made Simple

    I love candles!  More so, I love burning heavily scented candles In every room.  Purchasing them, retail, can become very expensive, so I’m sure to keep inventory In my house, which allows me the pleasure of making as many as I need whenever I choose, as well, as sell them at my online store, and you can too! Here’s what you’ll need Hot glue gun Glue sticks Your choice of containers,  jars (thick walls) Candle string wicks or wood wicks Scissors  Wick holder (bought or made) Slab of soy or wax flakes Fragrance oil Melting pot for your wax Labels •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• First, you will need to line your workspace or countertop…

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    The Beginning Of My Natural Hair Journey

    If I could get a do over in my life, the one thing I would not have done, was added chemicals to my hair. Pictured here, I was five years old with thick curly hair.  I did not like getting my hair combed.  My mother favored hot water and grease to manage my ponytails.   The summer after my sixth grade graduation, my mom put a relaxer in my hair because she was sick of wrestling with it.  I was a curious child so I paid attention to everything.  I noticed how, after the relaxer was in place, my hair stretched unbelievably in length.  I was amazed and hooked. Every…