Home Decor

Happy To Be Home!

After a long week of traveling with my hubby, I am so grateful to have landed safely and return back home to my personal space! 🙌🏽
_ I should have worn a face mask because I was near two sick people on the plane heading to a chili rainy Atlanta, Ga. After spending three days taking care of business, we hopped on another flight to Las Vegas where the weather was beautiful only to handle more business I started to feel pain in my throat, then on the flight back home my ears began to pop then I couldn’t breathe, it was confirmed, I was SICK!!! 😣
_ Any who, I spent my entire day unpacking, cleaning, creating a therapeutic FENG SHUI throughout my house, lighting candles and incense and sipping green tea with honey to pipe down this LIE of a cold! There is no way I will accept being under the weather, I have way to much work to do!!!
_ Now that I have settled down, I’m going to dive into a good book and enjoy my comfort zone!