Home Decor

My Front Fall Foyer!

I got a late start with my outside fall decor but I managed to muster up enough energy to sweep out the garage, climb a tall ladder just to change the garage light bulbs as well as the outside light bulbs then drag out my little trees that I use every year and dust off my jumbo wreath that I made four years ago! The mums and the pumpkins made it to my front porch the day before The Artful Garden​ closed for the season! Now, I normally have my straw men wired to the house but that’s a project for next week or maybe next season, I’m low on energy so we shall see! 🍁 🍂🍁🍂 I’ve added berries to the pine trees, put out some lanterns filled with candles, cinnamon scented pine cones and dried flowers and changed my door mat. It’s the simple things!
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